Waveflex® is a Belgian sleep specialist with more than 20 years’ experience with ergonomic sleep comfort. The patented product development is based on scientific insights. Waveflex® produces the sleep systems in-house, in accordance with high quality standards and offers a 5-year guarantee. The universal slatted bed base is unique. It is suitable for people of all heights and body types. “One size fits all” with a simple adjustment of the rubbers of the slatted bed base.





What makes Waveflex different?








Waveflex® is an amazingly innovative concept. The insights from various areas of expertise are combined to strive for a perfect sleep and rest system. Our anatomy plays a vital role in the development of sleep comfort. Waveflex® ensures an optimal position of the spine and the ideal distribution of body pressure.


Each Waveflex® sleep system complies with the highest quality and finishing requirements. This superior standard translates into an automatic 5-year guarantee on the complete Waveflex® system.


The Waveflex® bed system supports the neutral position, allowing the back to relax completely. Waveflex® consciously abandoned the straight lines of the traditional bed and created an ingenious ‘one size fits all’ design that focuses on the complex anatomy of each individual. The anchor point is the raised lumbar zone. The lowered shoulder and pelvic zones are broad enough to guarantee universal sleep comfort for every body type without the need for adjustments.

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